Watershed Studio 
Far from being a quiet month I feel we have thrown ourselves into February with a vengeance!. 
This week the front of the studio was dug up and a big slab of concrete laid to create a new, larger deck area outside the double doors. Once we have landscaped around it all I hope it will form a natural extension to the studio in fine weather and it links neatly around to the veranda too – good job I can see the end picture in my head though when it’s windy and rainy and there are piles of dirt everywhere! 
Our resident pheasant, Philip, decided to take a stroll across the wet cement before it set so his presence has been preserved for posterity now! 
Another slab of concrete is being laid on the lower lawn – not the whole lawn I hasten to add, just for the floor of a new shed. Ultimately, I am hoping this will be my own personal work shed but it will double up as a kitchen shed for us to work from when we do afternoon teas in the marquee. 
Finally, the digger pulled out old tree stumps up by the house and I am now redesigning the terrace area outside our Garden Room. Don’t get excited, it’s nothing grand, just a stoned extension to what there is already. I am hoping to get a lot of plants I have in tubs and pots planted up either through the stones, or around the studio to cut down on the rather onerous amount of watering I have to do in the summer. As I said, we have not been idle this month and we are only a few days into it!!! 
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