Watershed Studio 
Its actually raining and proper rain too! After record temperatures again this week it’s a bit of a relief, especially as we managed to get the last bit of wheat harvested this morning before the deluge began. 
Yesterday we had perfect weather for a wonderful wet felting course which Kris Marriott ran. We were able to use the marquee which was ideal with all the water involved and it meant we could feel like we were outdoors without actually being outdoors! I also had no idea quite how much physical effort was involved. So not only do you get to make a beautiful felt article but you also experience a full workout! Kris is very inspiring and encouraging and everyone enjoyed the relaxed and creative experience in our countryside location. It was a very happy day. There are some pictures on the Gallery Page. 
Just over a week before we had hosted a 75th birthday party for a local girl. It was a ladies only event and it was joyous. However, we had to make the decision to move from the marquee to the studio when the wind decided to really get lively as the morning progressed. We are very lucky to be able to have this option and it worked very well. Whilst it was harder for us because we had lost the larger kitchen space it didn’t matter – everyone had a wonderful time and were relieved to not have to sit for ages being blown to bits, and I was relieved the glass and crockery remained in tact. 
We have another tea coming up this weekend and fortunately the weather appears fine…fingers crossed! 
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