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Watershed is well known for it's broad range of one and two-day art courses covering most media. We also have a few other creative courses on offer now and we hope there is something for everyone in our programme, from beginners to the more experienced person wanting to try something different.  
Immersing yourself in any creative activity is truly good for your soul. Come to Watershed and spend a day or two, or evening, with a small group of like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly countryside setting. Here you can share and explore new ideas and skills without pressure or competition and we are here to help you find what bests suits your needs. Watershed courses are all about giving you an immersive experience in ideal surroundings.  
We are also happy to put on special workshops, tailor made for you and your group (minimum of 10 people). This is perfect for art group social events, a hen party, a birthday celebration with a difference or just for a group of friends wanting a good excuse for a get together! During the summer, if the weather is good, some of these courses will be held in our new marquee. 
We are fortunate to have some wonderful tutors coming here in 2018 and 2019 and you will find all the details below all listed in date order.  
You need to book in advance for all courses and a deposit will secure your place.  
Deposits of £20/day, or £10 per evening, need to be paid on booking with the final balance due a month before each course takes place but don't worry, reminders are sent out! 
There are booking forms beneath each course - all your data will be stored and used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy and will definitely not be shared with anyone else!! 
This is a list of our 2019 courses to date - please do let me know if you want more information - we do like to match people with the best course for them! 

All Workshops - see below 

Cost: £85/day including all materials and delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Students will be working with air drying clay. This is a great product that dries and hardens without the use of a kiln. 
On Saturday you will have great fun making a 'Green Man' Plaque. A Green Man is a sculpture, or other representation of a face surrounded by or made from leaves and can be found in many cultures throughout history. Branches or vines may sprout from the mouth, nostrils, or other parts of the face and these shoots may bear flowers or fruit - let your imagination run free! Trevor will lead you through the process stage by stage. 
On Sunday you will have just as much fun making a Hare sculpture. Students will learn clay modelling techniques including preparatory sketching, forming an armature, joining clay sections, fine modelling and finishing. You will have references to work from and plenty of one to one help. Last year we had some amazing hares produced, all under Trevor's careful supervision. 
A variety of finishes will then be explored to ensure long term preservation of the work. 
The only things you need to bring will are: 
An old shirt, overall or apron, a newspaper, an old knife, fork and teaspoon ( just any old table knife and fork ). 
A suitable cardboard box to carry the finished piece home. ( anything approximately 18” cube size ) and a note book to make notes and sketching. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £65 including delicious veggie farmhouse lunch, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm approx 
We are delighted to welcome this popular and very respected Australian yoga instructor to Watershed. Carole’s Balance for Life Workplace Wellness sessions are where you play to get fit, stretch to increase flexibility and laugh to be happy – a total life‐changing experience for EVERY body!!!! 
10am - Welcome and Opening Circle 
10.30am – Laughter Yoga 
12.30 – Home-cooked vegetarian lunch 
1.30pm – Breathwork and Meditation 
3pm – Tea break with homemade cakes 
3.30pm – Restorative Yoga 
4.30pm approx. – Closing Circle 
Carole is a member of Fitness Australia. Carole’s clients reap the benefits of her vast array of experience, knowledge and qualifications with improved joint flexibility and range of motion, toning and reshaping and enhancing mental wellbeing. 
Carole has been a leader in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years. 
Carole’s holistic Balance for Life programme focuses on Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, along with Relaxation, Deep Breathing Exercises, Meditation and Laughter Therapy sessions. 
Balance for Life builds strength and flexibility to bring the body into a state of harmony and balance, leaving you feeling centered and calm. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Flowers on a large scale have always fascinated Kay. Their colour, form and habit so different from each other. Kay will demonstrate for maybe 20 minutes on the first morning, also showing her work and chatting about her watercolour journey since she started painting professionally. 
After that comes the start of the scary fun part as you decide on your flower composition and get drawing and painting, or just painting if you prefer. There will be further demonstrations as you require. Kay is encouraging, supportive and will give one to one tuition throughout the course. Always excellent fun as well as inspiring - this very popular tutor manages to get students to produce some amazing work even if they arrive feeling pretty new to it all and out of their comfort zone! 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Spend two days enjoying the peace and tranquillity of a group painting experience here at Watershed Studios here in St Osyth, on the beautiful Essex coast. 
We’re delighted to present this Oil Painting Course with acclaimed Landscape Artist from Norfolk, Nial Adams. Trained in the classical techniques of traditional landscape oil painting by his father as a young boy, Nial has developed a style recognised for its modern twist on the classical method. 
Working from his studio in Norfolk, Nial teaches art students, at all levels, the core fundamentals of good oil painting technique. 
For this course at Watershed we bring you a unique experience to spend two days with Nial, in a small group, to learn some of his techniques and secrets. 
Nial will demonstrate and lead you in creating simple composition that conveys impact and structure, using a limited palette and large brushes! This course is ideal for the new artist (or even complete beginners), as well as the more experienced artist looking to improve technique and results. 
Day two will cover use of 'glazing and scumbling'. Using a broader range of colours, Nial will explain the benefits of working with strong colours in harmony with subtle glazes, helping you to produce rich and deep textures, explosive highlights that really add a punch to your artwork. 
During this intensive two-day course your learning will include - 
· The basics of good landscape painting composition 
· Learning about the tonal method of oil painting 
· Discovering some of the techniques of the Old Masters 
· Exploring colours, colour mixing and handling oil paints 
· Painting from references vs. your imagination 
· How to avoid the common mistakes most amateur artists make 
Find out more about the Artist – see more about Nial and his artwork on facebook and Instagram 
Watershed Art Courses are all about giving you an immersive experience in perfect surroundings. Spending time with a small group of like-minded artists, where you can share and explore new ideas, without pressure or competition. 
We welcome artists at all levels and this course is designed to teach you solid fundamentals, so ideal for the beginner, as well as the more experienced artist looking to revisit good basics. 
Having the time to truly stop, step off the wheel and have two full days of top-quality art tuition is the perfect way to treat yourself. 
Learning in this immersive and focused way will give you a range of new and improved skills, helping you to develop your personal style as an artist and progress. 
The Package – 
The cost of this Two Day Course is £165 
Maximum Course numbers are 12 
It includes the following a delicious farmhouse lunch and home made cake in the afternoon. You will be supplied with a list of materials on booking or on request and we are always happy to help if anything presents a problem. 
You’ll arrive around 9.30am on the first day to a warm welcome, having the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and meet your fellow art students before a 10am start. Don't worry if you are early as the studio will be open for coffee from 9am. Lunch is served either in our spacious garden room or outside on the covered terrace - everything is home cooked on the premises by Allison and all special diets catered for. You will resume painting in the afternoon and homemade cake will be brought down to enjoy during a tea break. Although the day officially ends at 4.40pm the studio will remain open on day one if you wish to stay on and paint. 
How to Book – please see form below or ring me on 01255 820466 and I can take details that way. We aim to respond within hours to any enquiry, if not sooner, and a deposit is all that is needed to secure your place. The balance is due a month before the course start and email reminders are sent out. 
If you would like any further information please contact Allison - numbers below. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Margaret is a past master of pastel and her infectious approach to using this medium in a new light will encourage and stimulate your own enthusiasm. Demonstrating her own approach honed over many “decades” should give you an insight into the best way to reflect light and life into your art. A relaxed mix of ongoing demonstrations and one to one tuition throughout the two days - this is a course not to be mixed if pastels are your medium! It's always a joy to have Margaret here! 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £85 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
A day to get to grips with Still Life. After a short demonstration, your day's painting will be start by looking at interesting ways with composition. We'll also consider how keeping an eye on the tones can give your picture an extra edge of realism. Bright metal objects shine, backgrounds stay in the background, and cast shadows have more interest. The tonal aspects of this tutorial will set you up for the next day's Portrait workshop. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £90 includes cost of model 
10am - 4.30pm 
A day's portraiture with a life model. The day starts with a short demonstration in the basics of the subject, and continues with individual coaching. This workshop will help you add a reality and a structure to your painting. With a portrait that means, for instance, that eyes stay in their sockets, the tip of a nose doesn't finish in mid-air, hair looks 3-D, (not just 2-D with a texture) and a neck settles comfortably under a chin. This course will give you a good foundation in a rewarding discipline. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £85 per day or £165 for two days including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Tues 8th - Florals 
Wed 9th - Woodland 
Heavy body acrylics can be used with a palette knife to create textural and expressive paintings. Sylvia will demonstrate her technique using a brush at first and then a palette knife. Each day will be a different subject and the different subjects lend themselves to this way of working and can inspire some expressive paintings. Using a palette knife can help to free up your paintings so come prepared to experiment. 
Sylvia leads by demonstration followed by plenty of one to one assistance.  
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
By implying rather than painstakingly rendering detail, the artist can trick the viewer’s eye. 
During the weekend, we’ll aim to produce a number of pieces of art work quickly and without fuss. We will cover a huge range of subjects…. all those scenes you’ve since thought impossible. Another fabulous couple of days of fun and amazing painting with this brilliant tutor! You won't believe what you will achieve! 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Using this exciting medium learn about composition, colour and texture with Sennelier’s UK soft pastel demonstrator Tim Fisher. Choose formats and compositions developed from fast loose sketches. Discover how to combine other materials as underpaintings to achieve striking and inspiring paintings. This course is perfect for those who wish to dabble in a different media or for those with more experience who want to take their work in a different more exciting direction. This is another approach to this amazing medium and something for experienced pastellists as well as beginners. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
In this exciting, informative workshop, Stephie will show you how to paint portraits in watercolour full of colour with an impressionistic feel. A Suitable for all abilities, she will share how to portray feelings and emotions in your work making it unique. There will be a mixture of ongoing demonstrating and one-to-one attention, thereby enabling everyone to work to the best of their ability. 
You will be encouraged to develop your own style, to learn how to paint with Instinct alongside technique, to simplify drawings prior to painting to enable a looser style, to paint with colour that deviates away from the norm. Most of all, you'll have fun and come away inspired to paint more! 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
This course will explore and abstract winter landscapes using mixed media and simple printing techniques. 
We will look at the shapes winter trees make once summer leaves have gone, and ways to represent winter skies and cool temperatures in expressive ways. 
This will be an exciting two days when we will also take a look at artists past and contemporary who have used this subject matter. Students will learn some techniques of simple printing and mixed media to produce unique and exciting work, going home with plenty of ideas to continue painting in the future. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including materials, delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
A fun and experimental two days exploring a whole load of techniques using a large selection of beautiful inks and a exiting range of mixed media ideas to produce several paintings over the time you are here. Trevor will provide all the materials and all the inspiration - you will go away buzzing with ideas and skills to take forward into your own painting in the future.  
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £165 including all materials and delicious farmhouse lunches, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm daily 
Join us for this exciting course with the very popular artist and tutor Vic Bearcroft. 
The first day will introduce you to the techniques involved with using pastels on velour, creating suitable backgrounds for the subject, lighting, atmospheric effects, etc., culminating in a completed natural setting for the fox. 
On the second you will focus on animal fur textures, features, especially eyes, before painting the fox into the background with appropriate highlights and adding foreground elements for depth. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Cost: £100 including all materials and adelicious farmhouse lunch, afternoon cake and refreshments on tap 
10am to 4.30pm approx 
On this wonderfully exciting day withe Melanie she will begin with answering the questions: what is silver clay, where does it come from and how does it work? She will then demonstrate and explain the main techniques you will be working with and there will be plenty of time to experiment and be creative. She will also cover how easy it is to fire the clay at home. 
Each student will design and create two or three pieces of finished jewellery which will be ready to wear by the end of the day. 
Melanie will bring with me all tools, equipment, materials, work mats and information sheets. A wonderful opportunity to learn and develop a new skill - check out her book on the subject! 
Melanie has been teaching silver clay workshops since 2004. She is a qualified Art Clay Instructor and a certified trainer for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, so you can relax and know that she will do her utmost to ensure that the time you spend with her is a positive and enjoyable learning experience. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
Monday 2nd, 7pm—9.00pm approx  
Tues 3rd, 7pm—9.00pm - FULL 
Wed 4th Dec, 7pm—9.00pm approx 
Thursday 5th Dec - overflow evening 7pm - 9pm 
Cost £30/session including materials and mulled wine 
Join us for a fun evening making your own festive door wreath. Allison will lead by demonstration followed by plenty individual help and practical hints on how to personalise your Christmas wreaths.  
Please bring seccateurs and/or any other Christmassy bits like baubles and glitzy bits. All foliage will be provided, as well as wires, frames, oasis, plus inspiration and a very friendly atmosphere. If there is time at the end you might like to make a small table arrangement from the greenery so bring a deep container of your choice (we do have plastic trays otherwise) and a candle the right size to fit, so thinner ones are better than a fat church candle. 
I will be using hay and moss again for the wreaths so please dress accordingly!! 
This is a fun evening, not to be taken too seriously, and suitable for everyone including complete novices. 
Watershed Studio Booking Form 
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